Sunday, March 18, 2012

How to blow out a match


This is is devon and  I have always wunderd how to blow a match the proper way and now i now how to.

  1.   You light the match
  2. You get it to a perfect persion and        wait i feel something coming
          achoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!              THAT IS  ONE OF THE MANY WAYS YOU CAN BLOW OUT A MATCH  
the person how showed me that you can sneez to blow out the match is the most spectaculer person noni.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

im dreaming of a medival christmas

"ah " you might say as you sit down with some hot coco by the fire next to your tree with lovely lights on it. "this is the best christmas ever"and then you go on to think about how hard it must have been for your great/great/great/great/great/great/great/great/great/ grand parents........."how was it to have a christmas in medival times? "you wonder...."

well here are a couple facts...

Among the Pagan traditions that have become part of Christmas is burning the yule log. This custom springs from many different cultures, but in all of them its significance seems to lie in the iul or "wheel" of the year. The Druids would bless a log and keep it burning for 12 days during the winter solstice; part of the log was kept for the following year, when it would be used to light the new yule log. For the Vikings, the yule log was an integral part of their celebration of the solstice, the julfest; on the log they would carve runes representing unwanted traits (such as ill fortune or poor honor) that they wanted the gods to take from them.

Wassail comes from the Old English words waes hael, which means "be well," "be hale," or "good health." A strong, hot drink (usually a mixture of ale, honey, and spices) would be put in a large bowl, and the host would lift it and greet his companions with "waes hael," to which they would reply "drinc hael," which meant "drink and be well." Over the centuries some non-alcoholic versions of wassail evolved."


Thursday, December 3, 2009

my snow poem

snow. ah yes every winter in montana begins with snow.

Snow is fun snow is cool
Snow is fun 'cause it helps you skip school!
the snow is white and fluffy and tight,
why does the wind blow
and help you fly your kite?
mother nature is letting you know
"guess what is coming? THE SNOW!THE SNOW!!!"

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Weather Outside is.......

...Frightful let it snow let it snow let it snow. Hi this is Westby weather report done by DamoneDamon and it is snowing, and it is going to be continual snowing for 5 days,
We have less1 inch of snow, 20'F in the day 5'F at night ,
not impressive huh, this should have been october's weather, continual snowing, 5-20'F,etc.Nov was very warm 57 high 18 low[18 is at night],
Dec should [but we didn't] get 20 foot snowdrifts in winter and some times it gets -60 so ..... let it snow let it snow let it snow [bring it on snow bring it on] info done by Damon, pix done by Anonymous Mom , guy in pix done by Devon

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Hi my names es
Devon. I like freseg the spreklr.

I am in 2nd grade. I live in Motana.


My name is Christine i'm 10 I will be 11 next month I have two brothers and an awesome mom and dad.

I just moved up to Montana, and its beautiful.
I have lots of things to do. like walking into town (or riding bikes) .

We're in home school so we get done in time to go to the store and the park. (Sometimes.) Other times we just stay home and play games outside like spinning each other on our tire swing,swinging on our rope, or chasing our dog round and round our yard and whats cool is we have a dich that we chase him in.Well I've got to go and play outside.


Rocky Mountain Horse
Hi, my name is Damon, and I live in Montana - you know, Horseland,Big Sky.This post is for me.

About me: age 12 funny, twister LOVER my first pix was a twister, I love studing natural and man made disasters (nuke reactors, 3 mile island est est est) and I love to eat!!!!;-))))
I also work in small engine repair and big engine to.

well, time to go enjoy